At Tidy Homz, every day we are trying to innovate and bring to you new products which will help in making your daily life simpler and easier. In this section, you will find our latest products from all areas of the house! Keep a look out for our new additions. Happy shopping!

Danube Multilevel Planter Stand

3,510.00 3,900.00

Oder Test Tube Vase Set Black

653.00 725.00

Oder Test Tube Vase Set White

653.00 725.00

Sarah Birdcage

855.00 950.00

Sarah Birdcage with Tea Light Holder

945.00 1,050.00

Detroit Cycle Planter Stand

2,340.00 2,600.00

Drava Multipurpose Trolley (Dark Brown)

3,500.00 5,000.00

Hanging Bottle Lanterns (Set of 2)- Blue

1,080.00 1,200.00

Mekong Step Ladder- Red And White

1,890.00 2,100.00
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