Why air your laundry in public when you can air it on a cloth dryer stand that fits comfortably indoors? We’ve got a range of sleek and beautifully designed cloth drying stands that can easily fold up when not in use, helping you make maximum use of the space in your home. We give you a selection that will help you invest in the perfect clothes dryer to fit into your home.

  • Skid-free cloth drying stands with a very firm grip
  • Easily portable, foldable, and space saving
  • Can be placed both indoors and outdoors

  • Limentra Wall Mounting Cloth Dryer- small

    667.50 890.00

    Limentra Wall Mounting Cloth Dryer big

    993.75 1,325.00

    Lamone 2 Tier cloth Dryer Stand

    1,207.50 1,610.00

    Santerno 3 Tier Cloth Dryer Stand

    1,466.25 1,955.00

    Galaxy wing Cloth Dryer Stand

    1,552.50 2,070.00

    SENIO Wing Cloth Dryer

    1,811.25 2,415.00
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