Sorting, separating, washing, drying, ironing, and folding – so much goes into laundry! And it can be quite a time consuming hassle to do the laundry day in and out. But we’ve got you a varied selection of exquisite, top-quality laundry products that will make your chores easier. What’s more – these products are available in a range of colours and fashions to give your home a trendy and vibrant look as well!

  • Unique, designer laundry products
  • High quality products that are easy on the wallet
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Colorado Ironing Set (Ironing Board+Laundry Bag)

    2,226.00 3,180.00

    Lena Ironing Mat - Candy Design

    595.00 850.00

    Limentra Wall Mounting Cloth Dryer- small

    542.50 775.00

    Rio Laundry Bag- Blue Design

    840.00 1,200.00

    Yukon Laundry Basket - beige

    553.00 790.00

    Yukon Laundry Basket - Pink

    553.00 790.00

    Zaire Ironing Board- Black Text Design

    2,555.00 3,650.00

    Lena Ironing Mat - Crazy Circle Design

    595.00 850.00

    Limentra Wall Mounting Cloth Dryer big

    805.00 1,150.00
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