Sizzle, simmer, serve! Cooking is an art. And a great artist needs great equipment! Our unique range of designer cookware isn’t available anywhere else in India! Deluxe frying pans for that perfect omelette, grill pans for those grilled veggies, plastic lids to ensure your food isn’t contaminated – we have the real deal!

  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Allows the use of metal utensils
  • Easy to clean

  • Glass Lid (26cm)

    637.50 850.00

    Glass Lid (28cm)

    667.50 890.00

    Pietra Lavica Saucepan-18cm

    1,575.00 2,100.00

    Pietra Viva Crepe Pan (28cm)

    1,800.00 2,400.00

    Pietra Lavica Frypan (26cm)

    1,838.25 2,451.00

    Pietra Viva Frying Pan (28cm)

    2,062.49 2,749.99

    Pietra Viva Extra Deep Frypan (26cm)

    2,175.00 2,900.00

    Pietra Lavica Saute pan (28cm)

    2,475.00 3,300.00

    Iridium Ecolux Deep Frypan

    2,550.00 3,400.00
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