The invention of the wheel was truly the greatest moment in history! No longer will you need to break your back huffing and puffing away trying to transport your things. Wheeled trolleys are here to save the day! Why break your back trying to transport your gas cylinder when a cylinder trolley can do the trick? Our range of multipurpose trolleys can make your life so much easier – whether it’s for transport of heavy goods, or ease of service when entertaining your guests.

  • Sturdy, space-saving and durable quality
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Multi-directional wheels for ease of transport

  • Torre Multipurpose Trolley Black

    549.00 610.00

    Torre Multipurpose Trolley White

    549.00 610.00

    Drava Multipurpose Trolley (Dark Brown)

    5,175.00 5,750.00

    Drava Multipurpose Trolley (Light Brown)

    4,500.00 5,000.00

    Brenta Multipurpose Trolley - Dark Brown

    4,320.00 4,800.00
    Sold Out

    Brenta Multipurpose Trolley - Light Brown

    4,320.00 4,800.00
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